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Pool TilesPool Tiles - A reasonably small site showing you where you can buy various types of pool tiles. Details on swimming pool mosaic tiles, swimming pool tiles, pool tile crab, installing pool tiles, the national pool tile group and more.

Ceramic Pool Tiles. Said to be by far the most common type of tile, popular details on the ceramic pool tiles that are widely used in swimming pools and spas.

Ceramic Pool Tiles, tiles used in and around the pool

Ceramic Pool Tiles:
Ceramic tile are said to be by far the most common type of tile available. Ceramic tiles are used in Bathrooms, Kitchens, practically anywhere indoors or outdoors, but most popularly, the swimming pool.

Ceramic pool tiles are water and frost resistant, they are also said to be unaffected by chemicals which makes them ideal for a swimming pool or spa. Ceramic Pool tiles can come on different shapes and sizes, this is because they are easy to manufacture and can be cut with a tile saw or cutters.

Ceramic Pool Tiles designs:
With ceramic tiles the pattern or colour is printed onto the blank ceramic tile after it has set. The design of the tile can also be hand painted, after the design has been applied to the tile it is then glazed to give it a glossy finish.

Hand painted tiles and apparently more expensive than machine painted because of the time that is spend on them compared to other methods. Ceramic tiles are available in mosaic form, each individual tile can be coloured and shaped to create a larger image once all the pieces have been placed together.

Ceramic Pool Tiles comparison:
Compared to ther tiles such as glass, porcelain, stainless steel or marble, the ceramic tiles are said to be much lighter and less costly. They are applied by using the same method as any other tile by using grout, the ceramic tiles usually used in pools are apparently small in size (minimum size can be roughly 1"x1"), these small tiles are similar to porcelain tiles as they give a "soft cushion" feel when stepped on.

Swimming Pool TilesSwimming Pool Tiles - Read about pool tiles michigan, Noble pool tile, glass pool tiles, porcelain pool tiles, pool tile trims and mosaic swimming pool tiles.

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