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Pool TilesPool Tiles - A reasonably small site showing you where you can buy various types of pool tiles. Details on swimming pool mosaic tiles, swimming pool tiles, pool tile crab, installing pool tiles, the national pool tile group and more.

Installing Pool Tile. Many peole say, grouting and installing pool tiles in and around the swimming pool area requires patience and skill. Information also includes equipment used.

Installing Pool Tile, laying tiles

Installing Pool Tiles:
To install tiles into a pool, usually the walls or floors require grout on the application layer (the layer to which the tiles will be applied to), only small areas of the pool walls or floor should be grouted at a time (roughtly 1-2ft squared depending on tile size) to ensure the grout does not set before laying down the tiles.

After the grout has been applied to the walls or floors of the pool when installing pool tiles, many say it should then be scored or grooved with a trowel or an adhesive spreader, creating small grooves in the grout is said to allow the grout to spread evenly when a tile is pressed firmly against it, this method apparently gives the tile more "stick".

Things to remember when installing Pool Tiles:
Many people say when laying the pool tiles onto the grout there should be enough space in between each tile (approximately 0.5mm) to allow for a waterproof grout to be applied in the gap. The waterproof grout is said to act as a barrier to protect the grout holding the tiles underneath.

To help ensure an even gap is left in between each tile, small plastic tile spacers can be used to hold the tiles the same distance apart from each other.

Using waterproof grout when installing pool tiles:
Many people claim that they wait until the tiles have practically set in place before they apply the waterproof grout, when applying the grout it apparently needs to be spread over the gap so it fills entirely, the grout is supposed to be pushed down into the gap to help fill any holes and spaces from installing pool tiles.

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