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A reasonably small site showing you where you can buy various types of pool tiles. Details on swimming pool mosaic tiles, swimming pool tiles, pool tile crab, installing pool tiles, the national pool tile group and more.

Pool Tiles

Pool Tiles in general:
Often unnoticed by swimmers, the tiny tiles paving the bottom and sides of a pool are said to provide a pleasant cushioning for wading feet. These smooth square pool tiles reflect a myriad of colors through the water, which apparently provides a calming cool balm on a sweltering summer day.

Whether its a small sized pool or a large one, there are always going to be many different options available when it comes down to tiling the pool. There are said to be thousands of different shapes, styles and colours of pool tiles and millions of variations they can be arranged in.

Pool Tiles, Custom pool tiles

Pools do not have to be decorated with tiles but more people claim that they prefer using tiles than any other method because it gives their pool more of a glossy look to it when the pool tiles are wet.

Many people say using tiles to decorate a pool can also have other benefits such as giving a pool a custom look or feel using textured tiles.

This website will give information about pool tiles and what different types and patterns there are, the pages on the right will also provide information such as tile designs, mosaics, tile installation and tile repair.

Click on any of the links on the right to find out more information about swimming pool tiles and their properties.

Swimming Pool Mosaic TilesMosaic Tiles - There are various styles and patterns of swimming pool mosaic tiles, along with lots of useful details about them.

Swimming Pool TilesSwimming Pool Tiles - Read about pool tiles michigan, Noble pool tile, glass pool tiles, porcelain pool tiles, pool tile trims and mosaic swimming pool tiles.

Pool Tile CrabCrab Tile - Design information related to the pool tile crab design and similar mosaic products. Information includes mosaic designs and images.

Installing Pool TileInstalling Tiles - Many peole say, grouting and installing pool tiles in and around the swimming pool area requires patience and skill. Information also includes equipment used.

National Pool TileNational Pool Tile - Product details and claims from the National pool tile group and what variety of products they produce and stock to suppliers.

Ceramic Pool TilesCeramic Pool Tiles - Said to be by far the most common type of tile, popular details on the ceramic pool tiles that are widely used in swimming pools and spas.

How do you Repair Pool TileHow to Repair Tiles - Ever asked yourself, how do you repair pool tiles? find out how to repair and replace damaged pool tiles.

Grout for Swimming Pool TilesPool Tile Grout - Find various types of grout for swimming pool tiles and what can be done to prevent damage to tiles and grout erosion.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

National pool tile group - Textures, styles and colours. www.nptgonline.com

Pool tiles by Balian - Tile information and designs. www.armenianceramics.com

Pool Tiles, ceramic pool tiles

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